Our Honey

“RAW HONEY” from Patagonia (Kosher), in the Andes mountains region.
“RAW ORGANIC HONEY” from Patagonia (Kosher), from the forest region. Patagonia Buzz honeys are from not polluted virgin natural environments. Here in Patagonia, the wind, the sun and the silence are the main inhabitants of the place.

We invite you to taste the varieties of our raw honey from different places of Patagonia, each with its own characteristics of texture, aroma and flavor. All of them are naturally picked and selected following the highest standards of quality.

Our Team

Patagonia Buzz is the result of 30 years of experience of a group of professionals and scientists, specialized in bees and in the international trade market. We have sold honey to the most demanding markets such as Japan, Europe and Canada.


At Patagonia Buzz we take care of the product from its origin, working with experienced beekeepers who understand that the final result of a good product depends on the good work done. Quality checks on the honeys we offer are systematically performed throughout the entire process.